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Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library Strategic Plan
January 1, 2012—December 31, 2015
Satisfy curiosity -- Nurture reading --- Build connections
Vision Statements:
  • We are customer focused with the intent to deliver what the customer wants and needs.
  • We provide excellent and diverse programs for all ages and interests.
  • We offer access to a varied collection of print and electronic materials.
  • We provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for our customers.
  • We encourage personal initiative and creative thinking among our staff.
  • We support intellectual freedom, confidentiality, and the right to access information.
  • We are fiscally responsible by allocating and utilizing resources for maximum impact and value.
  • We will be proactive in the incorporation of new technology.
  • We will collaborate with partners to benefit the community.
Service Response #1: Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning
Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives.
Goal #1.1: Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors will have the opportunity to participate in programs on a variety of subjects that encourage learning and exploration.

  • Objective #1: Annually offer Summer Reading and Winter Reading programs that increase in total participation by 3% each year.
  • Objective #2: Annually offer a United We Read program and increase participation 3% each year of the plan.
  • Objective #3: Establish a base line in 2012 and annually increase by 5% in year two and three of the plan the amount of publicity for Youth, Teen and Adult programs including blog posts, tweets, e-mails, and articles.
  • Objective #4: Annually offer at least 35 teen programs, 45 adult programs 25 senior adult programs and 60 youth programs (birth to 5th grade) and 240 story times.
  • Objective #5 Annually increase by 3% the number of children from birth to 5th grade who read and report at least 20 to 45 minutes (length of time based on participant’s age) of reading per day as measured by our reading incentive programs.

Selected Activities:
  • Annually offer at least 2 programs that highlight different cultures and the collections of the library.
  • Develop a parent advisory board and meet twice per year (1st and 3rd quarters) to advise on library services in the youth department.
  • Develop a senior adult advisory board that meets annually to advise on library services for seniors.
  • Plan and present at least two book discussions for school age children annually.
  • Offer at least 2 multi-age programs per quarter that provide for attendance of greater than 20 people.
  • Programs for school age children will be offered annually with at least 3 events offered during each of the first 2 quarters and at least 4 events offered during each of the last 2 quarters of the calendar year.
  • Hold Teen Council meetings on a monthly basis to solicit input on how to best serve teens, develop ideas for programs and work on projects, including grants.
  • Request that attendees evaluate library programs.

Goal #1.2: Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors will have the opportunity to use individual furnishings and small group spaces for recreational and intellectual pursuits.

  • Objective #1: By December 2014 evaluate the small group meeting room space on the second floor of the library and formulate a plan to increase meeting room space.
  • Objective #2: By December 2014 redesign and update the teen area to include more seating and work spaces.
  • Objective #3 By December 2012 update the Youth Services area to include more color and interactive furniture.
Selected Activities:
  • Create a staff planning committee by 2012 to offer suggestions on updating the three areas listed in the objectives.
  • Invite at least three building designers by 2012 to submit ideas for building updates.
  • Create a proposed budget by 2012 for the building updates.

Goal #1.3: Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors will have access to reader’s advisory, reference assistance as well as collections on a wide range of subjects and available in a wide range of formats.

Objective #1 Increase circulation in Teen, Adult, and Youth Services by 5% annually.
Selected Activities:
  • Annually evaluate, weed, plan and develop all collections and e-resources.
  • Create book displays that highlight the collection in order to increase circulation.
  • Promote the library’s collection at all relevant library programs.

Service Response #2: Connect to the Online World: Public Internet Access Residents will have high-speed access to the digital world with no unnecessary restrictions or fees to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the ever-growing resources and services available through the internet.

Goal #2.1: Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors will have access to online content and assistance with navigating to, and use of, online resources.

  • Objective #1: By December 2013 purchase at least 15 eReaders for lending to customers.
  • Objective #2 Increase the Overdrive collection by at least 100 titles annually with a minimum of 30 youth titles, 30 teen titles and 40 adult titles.
  • Objective #3 Increase the number of computer skills classes offered at the library by 5% annually.
Selected Activities:
  • Evaluate eReaders to determine which will best suit the needs for the library’s customers.
  • Survey library customers to determine the types of electronic and audio books to purchase for the collection.

Goal #2.2: Children Teens, Adults and Seniors will have increased access to locally created and managed content.
  • Objective #1: Annually evaluate available online resources and databases for content that that meets the needs of the library customers. Add at least one online resource annually if suitable content is discovered.
  • Objective #2 By December 2012 redesign the library website to engage and inform visitors.
  • Objective #3 By December 2012 expand the library’s bandwidth from 4.5 megabits up to 50 megabits.
Selected Activities:
  • Create a committee to advise and direct the library website redesign.

Service Response #3: Create Young Readers: Early Literacy Children from birth to five will have programs and services designed to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write, and listen.
Goal #3.1: Children from birth to age 5 will have programs, services and an environment that will develop a desire to read, learn and explore.
  • Objective #1 Youth staff will provide an early literacy program for an outside preschool group at least six times per year of the plan. The programs will include promotion of the library collection.
  • Objective #2 Increase the number of preschool-age participants in the Youth Services Winter and Summer reading programs by 3% annually.
Selected Activities:
  • Assess the library environment once each quarter for safety and educational value.
  • Request that attendees evaluate library programs.

Goal #3.2: Parents and caregivers of preschool children will be encouraged and supported in the development of their child’s reading and learning skills.
  • Objective #1: Establish an early literacy resource center by December 2012 for parents and caregivers of preschool children.
  • Objective #2: Increase the number of titles in the resource center by 5% in the second and third year of the plan.
  • Objective #3: Increase the participation of preschool children in the Winter Reading program by 5% annually over the three years of the plan.
Selected Activities:
  • Provide a two month “Read to Me” program once per year in the first quarter.
  • Update booklist to add other parent/caregiver resources at least once per year.
  • Establish an early literacy tip blog for parents and caregivers of preschool children.
  • Offer annually an early literacy program designed for parents and caregivers of preschool children. The program offer insights on how to encourage early readers and will highlight materials the library has in the collection.
Organizational competencies will provide the means for the library to achieve its service goals.
While service goals provide direct benefit to our customers, organizational competencies provide indirect benefit to community residents by improving the library’s effectiveness and efficiency.
Organizational competencies have been identified in nine (9) key areas:
  • Collections
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Partnerships
  • Policies
  • Training and staff development
Initiatives accompany each organizational competency. These initiatives are projects that must be completed if their respective organizational competency is to be achieved.
Each initiative has a date during the strategic planning period by which the initiative should be completed.
Organizational Competency 1
The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will develop and maintain collections that reflect established service priorities.

Initiative 1.1: Annually HMMPL will allocate the materials budget in a manner consistent with the service priorities, goals, and objectives adopted by the Board.

Initiative 1.2: By December 31, 2012 HMMPL will present a revised Collection Management policy that supports the service priorities, goals, and objectives adopted by the Board.
Organizational Competency 2
The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will operate and provide an attractive and welcoming facility making HMMPL a destination for information and social gathering.

Initiative 2.1: Annually, the Library Maintenance Committee will assess the library’s space and infrastructure and make recommendations in support of the service priorities, goals, and objectives adopted by the Board.
Organizational Competency 3
The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will allocate its financial resources in support of its approved service goals and strategic initiatives.

Initiative 3.1: By December 31, 2012, develop a multi-year Fundraising Plan that address public funding needs as well as opportunities and strategies for private funding from sources such as grants and fund-raising.
Organizational Competency 4
The Board of Trustees of the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will operate in an efficient, effective, and transparent manner.

Initiative 4.1: Annually, post the minutes of the Library Board meetings on the Library’s web site each month following Board approval.

Initiative 4.2: Annually, review and revise, if needed, the Board Bylaws.

Initiative 4.3: Annually, review the Library Board committee structure and appoint committees, as needed, to support the accomplishment of the Library’s strategic plan.
Organizational Competency 5
The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will practice effective human resources to encourage a healthy working environment.

Initiative 5.1: By June 30, 2012, review and revise all performance appraisal documents so they accurately reflect the job responsibilities of each staff member.

Initiative 5.2: By June 30, 2012 review and revise the pay scale for all positions in the library.
Organizational Competency 6
The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will incorporate measurement and evaluation into its operational practices.

Initiative 6.1: Annually, collect, compile, and distribute data related to the approved objectives to create the HMMPL Annual Report.

Initiative 6.2: Quarterly, update Library Board on progress on all objectives adopted by the Board.

Initiative 6.3: Quarterly, update Library Board on progress on all initiatives adopted by the Board.
Organizational Competency 7
The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will actively seek partnerships with organizations and institutions to enable the library to better serve its patrons and achieve its service goals.

Initiative 7.1: Annually, identify current partnerships and the obligations that the Library has as being a part of these partnerships.

Initiative 7.2: By June 30, 2012, develop criteria that will be used to assess future partnership opportunities.
Organizational Competency 8
The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will operate within a policy framework that reflects the organization’s values and promotes effective and efficient service delivery.

Initiative 8.1: By December 31, 2012, develop a Disaster and Recovery Plan.

Initiative 8.2: By June 30, 2012, develop a revised timeline and process to review and revise the Library’s policies.
Organizational Competency 9
The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library will recruit and train staff that provide and support quality customer service for all library users.

Initiative 9.1: Annually hold a staff training day that delivers information that is necessary for staff to do their jobs well.

Initiative 9.2: Twice annually provide training and refresher courses to staff on digital resources available through the website.

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