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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I get a Library Card?

Your Card is Your Passport
The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library offers a variety of materials for use in the Library and for check-out. When borrowing materials for check-out, an Evergreen Indiana Borrowers Card is required.
Card applications are available at the Circulation Desk in the Library lobby and online.

Who’s eligible for a free Library card?
  • Residents living in the Library District
    Note: The Library District includes Zionsville, Eagle Township and Union Township.
  • Property owners who own real estate OR personal property located in the Library District
  • Temporary residents living in the Library District for 1 to 6 months, such as exchange students or adults who do not change their legal residence from outside this Library District.
    (Card is good only during stay in the area.)
  • School teachers working at any school located in the Library District.
    (Card is good for one school year and renewable in subsequent school years for local teachers.)
Required identification
  • Residents: a driver's license showing current address, or driver’s license and voter registration, utility bill or bank statement showing current address.
  • Property owners: driver’s license, and most recent tax statement or a business sales tax certificate showing current address of property.
  • Temporary residents: driver's license and a piece of mail showing your current address.
  • Teachers: driver’s license and proof of employment.
  • Minors: parent must be present at time of application and provide a driver’s license with current address, or license and utility bill or bank statement with current address.
Juvenile Library cards
  • Parents may request a Limited Access card for minor children, under the age of 18, which will prevent the user from checking out R-rated audiovisual materials from any Evergreen Indiana Library. This request should be made at time of application.
People who reside outside the Library District
  • Non-Resident Library Card
    A nonresident may apply for a Card and pay an annual fee if he/she is:
    • Not a resident or property owner in the Library District
    • Resides in an area of Indiana that is not served by another Public Library.

    One Card is issued per family. Additional non-resident cards may be purchased for a nominal fee. State statute requires the Library to set the nonresident card fee once each year. The fee is based on the per resident (current census) expenditures during the previous fiscal year.

  • PLAC - Public Library Access Card
    PLAC cards may be purchased at the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library or at the non-resident's home public library. PLAC cards are issued after a home library card is obtained. At the time of purchase, you will need to present your home library card. The fee for PLAC is set once a year by the Indiana State Library. Card holders may check books out from any Public Library in the State for a 12-month period using the PLAC.

    Note: If you live in an area without library service, you will need to purchase a non-resident card from a public library before you may purchase a PLAC.
Zionsville Community School Classroom Teacher's Library Card
This card enables the following individuals to check out library materials for classroom use:
  • Zionsville Community School Corporation classroom teachers.
  • Teachers, student teachers and paid workers in the classroom not classified as a teacher, who reside outside the Library District, but work in local public and private schools.
  • Teachers in day care centers located inside the Library District.
Teachers who also reside in the Library District may apply for both a teacher's card and a personal Library card.
Teachers may send family members, aides, volunteers, other teachers, etc. to check out materials using the Teacher's Card.
Teachers and/or assignees may request extended check out periods for materials at the time of checkout. Overdue fees are not waived for these card holders.
Remember to advise the Library staff at the time of checkout that you need an extended loan period.
The extended loan period option includes:
  • Videos/DVDs: 14 days [usually 7 days]
  • Books: up to 6 weeks [usually 3 weeks]
Extensions may be obtained by calling the Circulation desk, 317-873-8340.
When the ZCS teacher applies for this special card, other card users may be designated. Be prepared to show identification showing your current residence address.
This card will expire 1 year from the issue date or be deleted from the file if the cardholder no longer works in the classroom in the Library District. The card may be renewed if the teacher or classroom assistant is still employed in the position during the subsequent school year.
Lost or Stolen Library Cards
If your card is lost or stolen, call the Circulation Department at 317-873-8340. Until this loss is reported to the Library staff, the registered card holder is responsible for fines and lost materials.
According to Library Board policy, all records relating to Library patrons, and their use of library materials and services, are confidential. Library staff members may not disclose information about a customer to a third party. Under Indiana law, minors are accorded the same confidentiality rights as adults.

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