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Juvenile Non Fiction Books

Chickens aren't the only ones A pictorial introduction to the animals that lay eggs, including chickens as well as other birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects, and even a few mammals.

The egg Describes how fish, birds, insects and other creatures lay eggs to reproduce and tells about some stories and customs involving eggs.

Eggs and chicks Explores the parenting behavior of birds, describing how some birds build nests, how the chicks develop inside the egg, and how the adult bird cares for its young.

Who you callin' chicken? Explores a wide variety of plain and fancy chicken breeds, examining their feathers, life cycle, evolution, and more.

Extraordinary chickens

From chick to chicken

From egg to chicken Large illustrations and simple text describe what an egg is made of and how it hatches into a chicken.

Leveled Readers

Super Cluck Chuck Cluck, an alien chick living on Earth, earns the name Supercluck when he uses his super strength to save baby chicks from a rat.

Daniel's mystery egg When he finds an egg, Daniel and his friends try to guess what is inside.

The chick that wouldn't hatch Before she hatches from her egg, a baby chick takes quite a trip around the farm--with her mother and other animals in pursuit.

The chicken or the egg? A brief look at the physical characteristics, breeds, and habits of chickens and at how modern poultry farms produce eggs and chickens.

Daniel's pet A young boy takes good care of his pet chicken, and when she is grown up she gives him a surprise.

Hatching chicks Mrs. Shay brings to class seven eggs from her hen, and her students take care of them until they hatch.

Chickie riddles

Easy Books

Dora's eggs As she goes around seeing the babies of the other farmyard animals, Dora becomes less and less proud of her first eggs--until they hatch into cute chicks.

A chick called Saturday A curious chick is disappointed at all the things his mother says he cannot do, such as swim like a duck, until he discovers one wonderful thing he can do very well.

Chicken Little When an acorn hits him on the head, Chicken Little is joined by several other silly birds as he sets off to warn the king that the sky is falling.

Chickens on the move Tom, Anne, and Gordon learn about shape and measurement when they try to find the right spot for their chicken pen.

Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the big red hen While caring for their aunt's chickens, three little Swedish sisters are upset when the big red hen disappears.

Rosie's walk Although unaware that a fox is after her as she takes a walk around the farmyard, Rosie the hen still manages to lead him into one accident after another.

Zinnia and Dot Zinnia and Dot, self-satisfied hens who bicker constantly about who lays better eggs, put aside their differences to protect a prime specimen from a marauding weasel.

Juvenile Fiction

The chicken doesn't skate Wild things happen at the South Middle School when Milo's science project, Henrietta the chicken, becomes the hockey team's mascot and their only chance for a winning season.

Love, Ruby Lavender When her quirky grandmother goes to Hawaii for the summer, nine-year-old Ruby learns to survive on her own in Mississippi by writing letters, befriending chickens as well as the new girl in town, and finally coping with her grandfather's death.

The chicken gave it to me Andrew and Gemma find a story written by a chicken, describing how she has seen little green men come down from space with a plan to roast and eat the people of Earth.

Funny Frank Gertie the hen is appalled when her son Frank wants to swim with the ducks, but Jemima and her mother, the farmer's wife, make him a special outfit so that his dream can come true.

Chick challenge Libby the new girl at school is sad leaving her pet hen alone on the farm so Mandy decides to help her new friend.

The great chicken debacle Hoping to earn a trip to an amusement park, the three Morgan children agree to take care of a chicken that their father plans to give their mother as a birthday surprise.

Juvenile Video

Chickens aren't the only ones Bright, colorful illustrations depict for young readers all types of animals that lay eggs.

Adult Non Fiction

Your chickens : a kid's guide to raising and showing Advice for choosing, purchasing, raising, housing, and showing all breeds of chickens.

Adult DVD

The natural history of the chicken A series of unusual stories about chickens. Ranges from a woman who revived a chicken with CPR, a man who raises chickens for his own consumption, a woman who keeps a pet chicken, a group of suburbanites who banded together to stop a neighborhood rooster raiser, a headless rooster, and a man who's life changing experience comes when he sees one of his chickens protect her chicks from a hawk.

Adult Reference
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