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More Materials at Less Cost for Taxpayers
  • Recently, you probably noticed some changes in the way the on-line catalog looks and functions at the Zionsville Library.
  • This new software is your portal into a NEW Indiana Public Library Consortium that will give you access to materials at participating libraries throughout the state.
  • As additional libraries join the EVERGREEN INDIANA CONSORTIUM, they will share the same on-line catalog, circulation policies and materials.
Checking out & renewing items
Library materials will circulate for 21, 14, or 7 days.
  • 21 DAYS:
    • Juvenile books
    • Teen books
    • Adult books
    • New Adult Books with greater than 500 pages owned by customer's home library
    • Music CDs
    • Books to Tape
    • Baskets
  • 14 DAYS:
    • New Adult Books with fewer than 500 pages owned by customer's home library
  • 7 DAYS:
    • DVDs
    • VHS tapes
    • Magazines
    • CD-Rom software
  • Items that remain in the Library and may not be checked out:
    • Latest issue of magazines
    • Reference Materials
    • Pamphlets
    • "Consumer Reports" and "CR Annual Buying Guides"
  • Renewing Library Materials
    • All items listed above that circulate may be renewed once.
    • New DVD titles may not be renewed.
    • All items that are on hold for another Library customer may not be renewed.
The maximum number of items that may be checked out at one time is 100
  • This means a cardholder with 80 items checked from their home library may only checkout an additional 20 items from other libraries in the consortium, for a grand total of 100 items. After items are returned, and have been checked in by the Library staff, then additional items may be checked out, up to the consortium-wide maximum of 100 items.
  • Up to 10 DVDs within the 100 item maximum.
  • Up to 10 VHS tapes within the 100 item maximum.
Borrowing from outside of your home library
A few limits will affect the types of items you may borrow from other Evergreen Indiana consortium member libraries. The following items will not be available via the state-wide delivery service:
  • All materials that have been added to any library's collection during the previous 6 months.
  • Audiovisual materials owned by other Evergreen Indiana libraries may not be placed on hold. You may visit any consortium library and check out audiovisual items in person.
  • Audiovisual formats include: Art, Audiobooks [on tape or CD], Music CDs, DVDs, Equipment, Media, Realia, & Software
Reasons you may be blocked from checking out items.
  • You have 15 or or more items overdue on your Library card. These items may be overdue at any one or more of the consortium member libraries.
  • You have fines totaling $10 or more. These fines may be owed to one or more of the consortium member libraries.
  • Your Library card has at least 100 items checked out from the Evergreen Indiana Consortium of Public Libraries.
  • Your Library card has at least 10 DVDs checked out from the Evergreen Indiana Consortium of Public Libraries and you are attempting to checkout more DVDs.
  • Your Library card has at least 10 VHS tapes checked out from the Evergreen Indiana Consortium of Public Libraries and you are attempting to checkout more VHS tapes.
  • The Zionsville Library was one of the few public libraries in Indiana that did not charge daily overdue fines. In order to participate in this consortium, our Board has found it necessary to begin charging daily overdue fines.
  • There will be a ONE DAY GRACE PERIOD beyond the date that each item is due.
  • If an item is returned after the One Day Grace Period, fines will begin to accrue at a rate of 25 cents per day, or portion of a day, per item, including the Grace Day.
  • All overdue circulating materials will be charged at the 25 cents per day, per item rate.
Overdue Notices
Save Money in Unnecessary Fines by Keeping Your Email Address Current in the Library's Records. Customers with current Email addresses will receive the following Email notices:
  • Email pre-notice sent 3 days prior to the due date
  • Email notice sent on the day the item is due
  • Email notice sent 14 days after an item is due
  • Email notice sent 28 days after an item is due
Customers Who Do NOT Have an Email Address OR Do Not Keep Their Email Address Current in the Library's Records will only receive the following notices:
  • Overdue notices will NOT be mailed via USPO until the item[s] is 14 days overdue.
  • A second mailed notice via USPO will be sent 28 days after the item[s] is overdue.
About Evergreen
  • MODELED AFTER a similar system used by the Georgia State Library, Evergreen Indiana is expected to increase efficiency and cut costs for all participants. The Indiana State Library, which is helping to coordinate the transition, has estimated an annual consortium savings of between $10 and $15 million once all 238 public libraries in the state participate. That will translate into a significant savings for property tax payers. A study is also being conducted by the State Library and the academic institution libraries in Indiana, including Indiana University and Purdue University, to see if their libraries can benefit from this consortium catalog approach. When the Zionsville Public Library Board agreed to join Evergreen Indiana, it also agreed to abide by the policies established by the consortium's Governing Board, which is comprised of representatives from each participating library. Hence, our library customers will notice changes in the way we offer services and in our policies. A list of those changes can be found on this page. Over the next year, you will notice that other public library catalogs will begin to magically appear as part of your Evergreen Indiana catalog.
  • WHAT WILL THIS MEAN FOR YOU, AS A HUSSEY-MAYFIELD MEMORIAL PUBLIC LIBRARY CARDHOLDER? It means you will be able to place holds on select items in the consortium catalog, which will be delivered to your local library via a state-wide delivery service. These items may be returned in the same manner.
  • The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library was the first Indiana library to join Evergreen Indiana. In fact, our current administrative and Information Technology staff played key roles in the effort to bring this opportunity to Indiana residents.
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