A10 Wednesday, April 29,...

A10 Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Zionsville Times Sentinel
Local writer hopes
to make best sellers’ list
In the literary world, the notion of a self-pub-
lished book has, until recently, carried a slight stig-
ma to it. But recent best-selling successes of self-
published novels by Brunonia Barry and William
P. Young have dramatically changed that percep-
Young’s novel, The Shack, has now been on the
New York Times’ Best Seller list for more than 36
weeks with more than six million copies in print.
Barry’s novel, The Lace Reader, initially started
with an initial print
run of 2000
copies. After a
“starred” review in
Publishers Weekly,
the publishing
industry’s Bible,
the book was
picked up by major
publisher, William
Morrow, and now is
a New York Times’
best seller.
art in zionsville
As a result, pub-
good by using that time to develop his plotline
lishers have been
and write the novel, sometimes writing until 3
sitting up and taking notice of these highly
motivated authors who are stepping outside the
“I did extensive research
box to publish their own novels. This is exact-
on the Gulf War, Para
ly what Zionsville resident, Timothy Ayers, is
Olympics and world leaders
counting on for his espionage thriller, Fooled
to write the book,” Ayers
Me Once.
said. “But the writing just
Nursery Since 1961
Set within the international community
flowed once I started.”
under a threat of nuclear destruction, Ayers’
Because he had done
novel takes Oggie, a paraplegic Gulf War vet-
some technical writing in
Timothy Ayers
eran through a dangerous and insidious plot of
the past, Ayers was familiar
blackmail and intrigue with an array of sinister
with what it took to write professionally.
and corrupt characters. For Ayers, the inspira-
Knowing prepare him for the writing process.
tion for Oggie’s character came from a former
And while some thriller and suspense writers
acquaintance who lives in Denver, Colo.
extensively outline their plots, Ayers found
“This man made such an impression on me,”
doing an outline prior to writing was too con-
Ayers said, “that I felt that he would make a for-
fining so he let the story take hold of him and
midable character. I thought that this was a
found the story just unfolded.
major character hook that no other novelist or
Self publishing, selling and marketing of a
book had done.”
new book is up to the writer, so Ayers is work-
Writing the novel in six months, the actual
ing on getting the word out on Fooled Me
publishing process has taken longer for Ayers,
Once. He is also developing his next two
something most novelists will attest is typical.
books, one of which will be a second in the
During the writing process, Ayers worked three
series with Oggie. Currently his books are on
jobs after being laid off from another company.
sale at the Eagle Creek Coffee Company in
He took the opportunity to turn a bad situation
First Fridays
unique historic landmark.
Mountain School of Art,
to begin May 1
A gallery shop is located on
where he later taught He has
The annual Zionsville First
the lower level and more than
won national acclaim for his
Fridays will begin on Friday,
500 items are available for
work, including the Allied
May 1.
sale, including featured prints
Artists of America's Gold
The event will feature
and keepsake books. Items for
Medal of Honor, the William
Indiana’s premier art commu-
purchase begin at $15. Many
Meyerowicz Memorial
nity with galleries featuring
original paintings displayed in
Award for an American
many local, regional and
the gallery are also available
Scene and the Salmagundi
nationally recognized artists.
for purchase.
Club's Joseph Hartly
The local galleries will
Call 733-1117 or 1-800-
Memorial Award for oil
extend their hours to 8 p.m. or
444-6635, or visit
later on every Frist Friday of
www.nanoel.com for more
The cost is $550 for mem-
the month, usually hosting a
bers and $600 non-members.
special event and refresh-
A deposit of $200 is required
SullivanMunce offers
to reserve a space in the
annual painting work-
workshop. The fee includes
Annual spring open
shop in June
three days of instruction,
house slated in May
The SullivanMunce
lunch each day and admis-
World-renowned artist
Cultural Center is offering a
sion to the Plein Air Patron
Nancy Noel, is hosting the
three-day painting workshop
Party on Friday evening,
annual Spring Open House in
taught by nationally known
June 12, participation in the
her gallery, known as The
professional artist Kim
Zionsville Paint Out on
Sanctuary, located in a restored
Saturday, June 13 and entry
120-year-old Victorian church
The workshop will be from
in the Zionsville Paint Out
located at 75 N. Main Street,
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 10, 11,
Exhibition to be held at the
12 at the SullivanMunce
SullivanMunce Cultural
The third annual event will
Cultural Center, 205-225 W.
Center June 26 through July
be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Hawthorne St.
Saturday, May 2 and from 11
English lives and works in
a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 3.
Colorado. His paintings have
Brick Street Gallery
Admission is free.
a fresh, direct appeal. He
Walk slated for June
Nancy’s largest and most
invests his paintings with a
The annual Brick Street
complete collection of art is on
true response to the environ-
Gallery Walk will take place
display; many pieces are origi-
ment. He has gained a nation-
Friday, June 26.
nals graced by extraordinary
al reputation and has
Attendees will enjoy meet-
hand-carved frames, designed
received awards from the
ing the artists, watching the
by the artist herself. Nancy is
Allied Artists of America in
demonstrations, listening to
most known for her ability to
Chicago and New York, and
live music and feasting on com-
capture the essence of her sub-
the Salmagundi Club, New
plimentary refreshments.
jects, depicting them with
Merchants, galleries and restau-
quiet reverence. Sensitive por-
He conducts workshops in
rants will stay open until 10 p.m.
traits of animals, Amish chil-
Colorado, New Mexico and
to celebrate and support the arts.
dren, angels, florals and
also in Europe. English's for-
Admission is free.
African tribal children and
mal art training was complet-
Visit www.zionsvillearts.org
adults are showcased in this
ed at Denver's Rocky
for more information.