C10 Wednesday, June 3, 2009 ...

C10 Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Zionsville Times Sentinel
Art to be displayed at Goodman Jewelers
New works by artist Jacobina Trump will be displayed at
Robert Goodman Jewelers 106 N. Main St., from June 12 to
Aug. 10.
There will be an artists’ reception from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30
p.m. on opening night, Friday, June 12.
Trump was classically trained at the Royal Academy of
Fine Arts in The Hague. Her vivid paintings come from
pencil sketches of real-life scenes and subjects that tell sto-
ries of her travels and adventures. Rose-Marie and Bob
Goodman first worked with Jacobina in 2007 when she
painted the first of three murals on the exterior wall at the
back of their jewelry store.
This exhibit is part of the Zionsville Arts Initiative “Art in
Spaces” program. All works are available for acquisition as
a group or as individual pieces.
Visit www.robertgoodmanjewelers.com or jacobina-
Kinkade paints the town trump.com,or call Bob Goodman at 733-9170 or Jacobina
Thomas Kinkade will tell
Trump at 259-7631 or 786-457-1606 for more information.
you he is a “populist painter,”
one who creates art for real
Sugar Creek Art Center introduces
people. As the newly minted
new exhibit
centennial artist for the 100th
“Rural Impressions” is the new exhibit at Sugar Creek Art
anniversary of the
Center in Thorntown.
Indianapolis Motor
The art show features the works of local artist Joseph
Speedway, he can call himself
Cross, and opens Thursday, June 4, running through Friday,
a painter for real race fans too.
June 27, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays through
On February 27, Kinkade first
revealed his commemorative
Cross developed an early interest in art. He earned a bach-
painting, Indy Excitement:
elor’s degree in media arts and animation in 2002 from the
100 Years of Racing at the
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Indianapolis Motor
Between 2002 and 2006, he was a 3D artist in New York
Speedway, at a gala reception
City. He is currently a digital artist at Basement
and cocktail party organized
Design+Motion in Indianapolis. Although successful in his
by IMS using familiar
career, Cross’ passion is creating fine art. His impressionistic
Kinkade themes of family, tra-
oil paintings and finely-detailed ink sketches reflect his admi-
dition and community, the
ration for Indiana’s rural landscapes and God’s creations.
painting spans 100 years of
A reception in Cross’ honor will be from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
racing history, and is the cover
Friday, June 12, at Sugar Creek Art Center, 127 S. Pearl St.,
of the 2009 collectible pro-
Thorntown. Admission is free. Visit www.sugarcreekarts.org
gram marking the Centennial
for more information.
Indy 500. Recently here in his
role as “artist ambassador,”
the Daytona 500, in 2008. To
Local singer/songwriter performs at Plum’s
Kinkade attended the race and
create Indy Excitement,
You may have seen her on the Brick Street Inn’s Lobby
visited his Zionsville gallery
Kinkade researched the IMS,
Lounge patio or
to meet with
the race and its
remember her voice
collectors and
h i s t o r y .
serenading you as
you strolled down
B e i n g
wanted to cap-
Main Street on a
named artist
ture the nostal-
warm Saturday
ambassador is
gia and great-
evening last summer.
an exciting
ness of the race
Cari Ray, who pos-
Kinkade says,
“I wanted
sesses a strong but
because the
to emphasize
subtle voice,
Indy 500 is
all the moods,
begun to draw a regu-
Photos submitted
more than just
lights and col-
lar following with her
TOP: Thomas Kinkade visits the Indianapolis Motor
a car race.
ors that come
roots-based covers
art in zionsville
Speedway track and conducts research for the painting he did
“It’s a land-
with the
and soulful original
for the Centennial.
mark in the
pageantry of
music, but lost her
ABOVE: Kinkade’s painting of the 2009 Indianapolis 500.
history of our
the race,”
Zionsville home
culture,” Kinkade said. “I see
Kinkade said. “I tried to
The track was built in
Kinkade says he wanted his
when the Brick Street
it as the greatest sports pag-
make it a romantic statement
1909; the Indy 500 has run
painting to capture the nos-
Inn closed earlier this
eant in history. I can remem-
of color, more impressionis-
there annually since 1911,
talgia that’s part of the race
ber as a kid watching it on
tic. There’s lots of color,
except for several years dur-
Now she’s got a new one at Plum’s Upper Room, 112 S.
‘Wide World of Sports.’ So it
flags, the Pagoda, but I also
ing World War I and II.
“I wanted to create a
Main St., where she’ll perform a solo acoustic show
was a thrill to meet the Indy
included a diverse group of
Since most everyone in the
painting that gives people a
Thursday, June 11 from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
car drivers at the gala.” No
people and cultures in the
Indianapolis area knows
connection to the experi-
Visit www.cariray.com for more information and to hear
stranger to racing, Kinkade
scene. I had a lot of fun with
someone who’s been to the
ence,” Kinkade said. “I love
sample tracks.
released Nascar Thunder, a
the vintage cars in the pit
race at least once, if not mul-
to sneak in little details that
commemorative painting of
tiple times during their lives,
people find amusing. I think
Brick Street Gallery Walk
that this painting tells a story
The 9th annual Brick Street Gallery Walk will be from 6
about generations of people
p.m. to 10 p.m. June 26 in the Village. Over 100 artists,
— the fans who come back
musicians and merchants will be featured. Admission and
year after year with sons,
parking are free.
daughters and then their
For Kinkade,
those famous words,
start your
engines,” — the electrifying
moment when the race
begins — became the central
- Federal VA Loans
point of the painting.
Ed DeWitt
- USDA Rural Housing
Showing the joy in the faces
30 Years of Experience
Mortgage Banker
of the people who attend the
race, Kinkade says, was his
main goal in creating the
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