A10 Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Zionsville Times Sentinel ...

A10 Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Zionsville Times Sentinel
Timmerman talks T-shirts
Tomorrow morning when
they don’t necessarily coincide.
you get dressed, take a look
The most meager of wages and
at the labels in your jeans
living conditions can’t keep
and shirt. Do you ever think
back smiles and laughter.
about who makes those jeans
Hill: How much did you
and shirts? The real people
find this trip changing any
behind the seams.
pre-conceived notions that
For author Kelsey
you had about the globaliza-
Timmerman, one look at his
tion of world economies?
f a v o r i t e
Timmerman: There were a
1 9 7 0 s
couple of lessons that were hard
F a n t a s y
for me to wrap my brain around:
art in zionsville
Island T-
1) One person’s sweatshop is
shirt was
another’s opportunity; and 2)
enough to
rubbing shoulders with mil-
we shouldn’t be ashamed that
make him
lions of people. Eventually, I
some of our things are produced
wonder. The
build up the courage to cross
by child labor so much as
shirt was
the street and start following
ashamed that we live in a world
the story wherever it take me.
where, in some places, children
w i t h
Hill: How much research
must work to help support their
Fantasy Island character,
did you do prior to these trips?
“Tattoo” or Herve Villechaize’s
Timmerman: I read books
Hill: What types of values,
face with the words, “Come
about globalization and the
ethics and traditions, do you
with me to my Tropical
history of the garment indus-
believe, have been lost in the
try, but they missed something.
new global economy and
When Timmerman became
More than the forces, process-
curious just where this tropical
es, economics, and politics of
Timmerman: I think we
paradise was located, he asked
globalization, I had to know
take too much for granted.
himself, “What if I went to the
about the lives, personalities,
Stuff comes from stores or at
countries where my clothes
hopes, and dreams of the peo-
least that’s what we think. We
were made and met the people
ple who make our clothes were
used to know the butcher, the
who made them?”
lost among the statistics.
baker, and the garment maker,
Additional looks at his
Hill: What moments defined
but now we have no idea who
flipflops, jeans and other apparel
this trip for you?
they are or what their lives are
led him on a trek to Honduras,
Timmerman: During the
like. I think we’ve lost our
Bangladesh, Cambodia and
last night of my trip abroad, I
sense of community.
China in search of the people
went to visit Dewan and Zhu
Hill: Do you believe that
who had made his clothing.
Chun, the couple that work at
people in the US and other
“As someone who has never
the factory in China that made
more developed countries have
needed much of an excuse to
my flip-flops. Dewan got back
a full understanding of other
travel anywhere, this sounded
to their dorm room late. His
cultures? Do they have a will-
like fun, an exercise in experi-
boss told him to clock out and
ingness to learn about these
mental travel that would take me
then go back to work. Zhu Chun
countries and their cultures?
around the world,” Timmerman
cooked dinner in the kitchen
Timmerman: I don’t think
said. “It was the garment equiva-
that she shared with everyone
we can fully understand the
lent of tossing a dart over my
else on her floor. After dinner,
culture of extreme poverty –
shoulder at a map and going to
Dewan asked me if I would
the sacrifices, the impossible
wherever it landed.”
write about them in my book. At
decisions — that exist in
On Monday,
July 27,
the time I wasn’t sure if I would
developing nations. I think the
Timmerman spoke at the
be lucky enough to attract a
best way to learn about a cul-
Hussey Mayfield Memorial
publisher to publish my book. I
ture is to be introduced to the
Public Library about his book,
lied and said that I would. Then
people within that culture. We
Where Am I Wearing? A Global
Dewan asked me if anyone had
may worship differently, eat
Tour to the Countries, Factories
given me a Chinese name. No
differently, but we’re more
and People that Make Our
one had, so he decided to. He
similar than we are different.
Clothes, which chronicles these
dubbed me “Xiong Di,” which
Hill: How did you answer
travels and meetings. I inter-
means brother. I would’ve
the question, “To buy or not
viewed Timmerman about the
never guessed that I could have
to buy? ”
people and places he met and
felt so connected to people who
Timmerman: I think “to
saw on his travels. .
live so differently. But time and
buy or not to buy?” is a per-
Hill: How did you decide
time again, workers welcomed
sonal question that we should
what places to visit? What types
me into their lives and helped
ask ourselves before each pur-
of preparations did you make
me bridge the divide between
chase. We should be engaged
prior to your journey?
producer and consumer.
consumers. We should support
Timmerman: I looked at the
Hill: How has this experience
brands and stores that make the
tags of my favorite boxers, blue
changed you?
effort to acknowledge that they
jeans, and flip-flops and went
Timmerman: I want to make
have an impact on the people
where they were made. My trip
a difference. I’m blessed with so
who make their clothes and
prep consisted of purchasing
much; we all are. We owe it to
work to make the impact a
the plane tickets. After that I
those less fortunate to take
positive one.
would just show up and start
advantage of our opportunities.
If we buy “Made in China”
winging it.
Hill: How much did you
we’re supporting an industry in
How did you accli-
find this trip changing any pre-
which workers are forced to
mate yourself in these vastly dif-
conceived notions you had
work overtime off the clock.
ferent cultures?
about these countries and their
Do you feel comfortable with
Timmerman: The first few
that? But if you don’t, those
days are tough. When I arrive in
Timmerman: I learned that
same workers who moved
a place like Bangladesh, part of
there are two types of poverty:
from their villages far away to
me doesn’t want to leave my
the poverty of one’s bank
work at the factories might lose
hotel room. I’m a country boy,
account and the poverty of the
their jobs? Do you feel comfort-
so it takes awhile to get used
human spirit. I learned too that
able with that? It’s quite a pickle.
Artists chosen for Hoosier Salon
CCA Gallery moves
to new location
Cynthia Leavesley and Susie Rachles, both of
The CCA Gallary, specializing in fine art and
Zionsville, are among the 109 artists whose
gifts, is moving to 47 S. Main St. beginning
works were selected for the Hoosier Salon 85th
Friday, Aug. 7.
Annual Exhibition on Sunday, July 12.
The new location is adjoining the Brick
Leavesley was chosen for her pastel piece,
Street Mall on Main Street. The CCA (Creative
Wheatfield and Rachles for her oil painting,
Center for Arts) recently celebrated its 30th
Blessing of the Hounds.
Anniversary as Indiana's oldest cooperative art
To enter the competition, an artist must be a cur-
gallery founded in 1978.
rent resident of have lived in the state of Indiana
Call 733-1813 or visit www.ccagallery.com
for at least one year and be a Hoosier Salon mem-
for more information.
ber. There are 138 works in the juried exhibition
selected from 591 entries. The 2009 exhibition
Boone County artist
features 16 first-time exhibitors.
to participate in art fair
Titled Designed to Last, the Hoosier Salon 85th
Boone County potter Christine Heisler is one
Annual Exhibition will be open during regular
of 35 artists from eight counties chosen to par-
museum hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through
ticipate in the fourth annual Art on the Wabash,
Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays, now
a Local Artists’ Fair to be held at West
through Sept. 6 in the Indiana State Museum, 650
Lafayette’s Tapawingo Park on Sunday, Sept.
W. Washington St. Admission is free for museum
members and children under 3, $7 for adults,
The fair is presented by the City of West
$6.50 for seniors and $4 for children ages 3 to 12.
Lafayette and West Lafayette Parks and
At the close of the exhibition, selected works
Recreation Department with assistance from
will go on tour throughout the state.
Tippecanoe Arts Federation and sponsorship
Visit www.hoosiersalon.org for more information.
funding from KitchenArt, The Store for Cooks.