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Zionsville Times Sentinel
Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2006 B3
‘Life of a Private
Butz, Flaningham are married
Susan Marie Butz of Lafayette and Dr. Glen Lee Flaningham of
Zionsville were married Sept. 24, 2005, at St. John Catholic Church
in Indianapolis. The Fr. Crispin Butz, uncle of the bride, officiated.
Soldier in the Civil
The bride wore a strapless Italian silk gown with a lightly beaded
bodice and covered buttons extending the length of the back of the
gown. She wore a mid-length veil and a necklace and headpiece
made of crystals.
War:’ Joseph M. Byers
Her bouquet was
made of red and
black magic roses.
The matrons of
Part IX of a series
position until after daylight, but
‘never fails’ and 75 cents in
honor were Kathy
for some reason no battle was
change. I ate the apples I think
Kugelman and Lisa
one and only New Year’s
fought at this time and place, but
in less than two minutes and
Burkett, sisters of
Resolution is to more frequently
about the 28th of May the
gave him the 75 cents and told
the bride.
point out how grateful this com-
enemy left us and marched off to
him I would take it all in apples.
Bridesmaids were
Joan P. Lyons
munity should be for having a
the south. We followed them on
He gave me nine more, making
Jennifer Snyder,
local newspaper since 1860, for
the 3d day of June and went as
twelve in all, and I think I ate
Paige Gaddis and
having most copies of that paper
far as Triune, a distance of about
them in less time than it takes
K a t h l e e n
preserved on microfiche at the
stitched to the opposite edge of
twelve miles, and went into
me to write it. The sutler got the
McDonald. The
P.H. Sullivan Museum, and for
each piece to fasten to stakes
camp. Nothing unusual occurred
lion’s share of the soldier’s pay,
attendants wore
having editors over the years
driven in the ground. The two
on this march. The boys sang
as a rule.
strapless full-length
who realized the significance of
pieces are carried by two differ-
songs and talked about the good
“While we were at Triune I
gowns in cherry red
recording history as it happened
ent men and when going into
bread and pumpkin pies their
was standing one day near the
with beaded bands
or, in the case of Joe Byers’ view
camp for the night they would
mothers and sisters used to bake,
sutler’s tent and saw a very tall
around the bodice.
of the Civil War aided by the
cut two short forks and drive
which helped to pass off the
lieutenant-colonel come gallop-
They carried bou-
journal he kept while in service,
them into the ground with the
ing up and stop his horse very
quets of red roses
Glen Flaningham and Susan Butz
as soon as information was
fork up and about three feet
“We found quite an army of
suddenly within a few feet of
complimenting the
bride’s flowers.
high. They would then place a
Union soldiers at Triune and
where I stood. He swung him-
The best man was Dr. Tyler Flaningham, the bridegroom’s twin
History is the taproot that has
small pole in the forks and
were informed that a general
self from his saddle and walking
brother. Groomsmen were Dr. Mike Crecelius, Dr. Mark Rafalko,
given Zionsville stability
stretch the tent over the pole and
move was soon to take place,
up to the sutler’s abode, strode
Kyle Rich and Tom Behringer.
through the years and will con-
fasten it to the ground with the
when something was expected
right over the counter and
The flower girls were Jenna Kugelman and Nancy Burkett. The
tinue to do so as long as we
stakes and loops.
to happen. On June 4th the
passed within a few feet of the
ring bearer was Zackary Butz.
respect that history.
“So you see if the two men
whole army at this point were
proprietor, took a long knife
Music was provided by the Flip Miller Band. The reception was
Now to Chapter VIII in Joe
who carry the tent wish to take
from a shelf and cut off about
ordered into line with knapsacks
in the Grand Ballroom at Union Station in downtown Indianapolis.
Byers account, as printed in
one and one-half pounds of
up a night’s lodging in one, they
open and lying two paces in
cheese. Then filling his capa-
The bride is the daughter of Fred and Nancy Butz of Lafayette.
Zionsville Times of Nov. 16,
have to get down on all fours
front of its owner, whereupon an
cious pockets with crackers,
She is a 1989 graduate of Lafayette Central Catholic High School
1905, beginning with a verse of
and crawl in like a dog. If the
officer came along and selected
deliberately walked out without
and a 1993 graduate of St. Joseph’s College. She is a CPA and con-
his composition. As usual our
night should be stormy or very
articles in the knapsack as he
saying a word to anyone, mount-
troller for Buckingham Companies, AMD.
only editing has been to break
cold one man would spread his
deemed necessary to take on a
The bridegroom is the son of Sharon Flaningham of Zionsville
ed his horse and was of like the
the copy into shorter paragraphs
oil blanket on the ground to
march and all else was piled and
and the late Edward Flaningham. He is a 1987 graduate of
for easier reading and to paren-
serve as a sheet to lie on, while
burned. I was permitted to select
Zionsville High School, a 1991 graduate of Hanover College and a
“The intruder, as I afterward
thetically add clarification, if
the other would use his to fasten
my own load but told to make it
1995 graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine. He is an
learned, was no other than
up the gable end of the tent
as light as possible, and besides
anesthesiologist at Hancock Regional Hospital.
Colonel Brownlow of east
“It was on the third of June
toward the point from where the
other things that I valued highly
The couple traveled to Tahiti, French Polynesia for their honey-
Tennessee, whose father was the
We all marched out to Triune,
storm was coming.
I burned eighty-five letters from
moon. They live in Indianapolis.
noted ‘Parson’
Where we had a little fun
“One great difficulty in the
home and other friends in
known over the whole civilized
Making a host of rebels run.
use of these tents was that we
Indiana. I kept my diary books
world during the rebellion for
“Our stay at Franklin was
had too much load to carry the
and papers.
his great loyalty to the Union
somewhat protracted and the
fork and pole with us, but had to
“We remained here for some
cause, and who was hated and
boys got rather impatient. Many
cut new ones every night when
weeks, however, and on the 11th
feared more than any other one
of them expressed their fear that
on the march or sleep outdoors.
of June the rebel army in our
man by the rebels in east
we would serve the three years
This happened very often where
front made an effort to gobble us
Tennessee, where he resided.
and not be permitted to engage
no pole or forks could be found
up, but after about two hours’
“On the 15th of June we were
in a single heavy battle, that
and slept out whether the weath-
fighting we had them on the run
transformed into the first
instead of being the bloody 84th,
er was fair or foul. Each man, as
and kept up the chase until after
brigade, first division of the
as some of the members of the
I have intimated, carried an oil
dark when we returned to camp.
Reserve Corps, commanded by
regiment had been calling our
cloth blanket with a hole in the
“A sutler is a man whom you
General Gordon Granger. In
command, it would be the
center large enough to poke his
might call an army groceryman.
short we were chosen to occupy
bloodless 84th. We will see a
head through which he did when
He gets permission of the state
a position of great honor and
few months hence how ground-
marching in the rain or snow. It
authorities to accompany a regi-
very great danger. It would be
less were their fears. We were
reached but little below our hips
ment from his own state for the
expected of us to be ready at all
kept almost constantly on squad,
and was no protection for our
purpose of selling the boys
times to occupy places in the
company, battalion and brigade
lower limbs. In fact all the water
canned goods, fruits, cheese,
line of battle where others had
drill, until we felt that if profi-
that ran down the oil cloth
crackers, etc., and has a team of
been defeated and driven from
ciency in military tactics had
dripped on our legs and if the
horses and a wagon so that he is
Abigail Rose Wulber
the battlefield, or to storm forts
anything to do with fitting sol-
rain was of long duration the
enabled to follow the regiment
or breastworks where and when
diers for battle, that we could
water would soak through the oil
with his merchandise. He also
Wulbers welcome Abigail Rose
the chances seemed slim for suc-
lick the whole southern confed-
cloth and wet us all over.
has a tent, about the size of a
Angela and Michael Wulber of Zionsville announce the birth of
cess. We were highly elated and
“Besides the oil cloth we each
camp meeting tent, in which he
their daughter, Abigail Rose Wulber.
very proud of our chances to
“On April 22, we drew out lit-
carried a woolen blanket and an
keeps his goods when in camp
Abigail was born Oct. 27, 2005, at Women’s Hospital in
show what we could do or at
tle shelter tents, ‘pup tents’ we
overcoat in winter, and when
Indianapolis. She weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces and measured 21
and when doing business. One
called them. Now perhaps a little
these all got water soaked, it is
least what we thought we could
inches in length.
end of the tent is open during
Maternal grandparents are Mel and Karen Brite of Frostproof,
description of these tents would
plain to see that it made a load.
business hours and a wide board
Fla., and James and Laura Wilson of Crown Point. Paternal grand-
not be out of place at this time,
Our clothes, gun, ammunition,
“On the 20th of June (my
serves for a counter, but this tent
parents are Joetta Wulber of Fishers and Sam Wulber of Brookville.
as I wish to bring in every
provision, etc. often weighed
is closed up tight during the
twenty-first birthday) repara-
important phase of army and
when dry sixty pounds.
tions were under way for a move
camp life in this little sketch.
“The enemy seemed to have a
“To say that we paid extrava-
and everything indicated that it
“The ‘pup tent’ consisted of
hankering after Franklin or the
gant prices for what we got
would be of considerable magni-
two pieces of canvas, each one
‘Yanks’ near there and perhaps
would be putting it very mild.
tude and on the evening of the
being about four and one-half
both as they hovered near us for
For example, I stepped up to the
22nd all preparations were com-
feet square and a row of buttons
about two weeks. During this
counter one day and laid down a
pleted and it was announced hat
and button holes along one side
time we were required to be up
dollar and told Mr. Madden that
the army would leave on the
to fasten them together securely
and in line of battle by three
I wanted 25 cents worth of
and with about four loops
o’clock a.m. and remain in that
apples. He gave me three little
“(To be continued.)”
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