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Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2008 C3
New Year’s editorial reflects on 1876
In the last edition of The
wheat crop of Indiana would
demand for broad and clear
Zionsville Times of the year
not pay the public taxes.
statesmanship in Congress is
1876, editor and publisher P.
“In all the large cities, pau-
as urgent to-day as it was a
D. Hammond, like Janus, the
perism is becoming intolera-
century ago.”
god of Roman mythology,
ble, and the distress of those
* * *
looks both backwards at the
who are not quite paupers is
On the same page of the
Joan P. Lyons
concluding year and forward
appalling. The country is not
paper was this report of two
to the future. He does so in a
prosperous, and so far there
holiday celebrations:
formidable-looking single
“Monday and Thursday
tiny of the little nation.
are but few signs of relief.
paragraph of column length.
evenings were festive occa-
“The causes of rejoicing
Were it not for an abiding faith
We have edited only to cut that
sions in Clark’s Hall. Albert
now are as much marred by
in the capacity of the people to
paragraph into shorter seg-
Gregory and Noah Loughrun
doubt, uncertainty and real
seek the proper means to
ments for easier reading.
had announced a Christmas
adversity among large classes
redress their grievances the
“Twelve months ago 1876
ball some time ago, and on
that great demonstrations,
outlook would be terrific. But
was hailed with such demon-
Monday evening the hall was
Finnian Douglas Cohan
such as were witnessed last
the people can do this; they
strations of joy and exultation
filled to overflowing.
year, would be obviously ill
will when adversity sufficient-
as were never witnessed
Cohen family welcomes Finnian Douglas
timed and out of taste.
ly sharp has taught them to act
“The affair was such a suc-
before in this or any other
Shannon and Hamish Cohen of Indianapolis announce the
There is great hope for this
for themselves instead of fol-
cess that another was decided
land. The noise and enthusi-
birth of Finnian Douglas Cohan. Finnian was born Dec. 4, 2007.
country, broad grounds for
lowing blindly the lead of
on for Thursday night, to give
asm had no limit but the abili-
Finnian weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 21-1/2 inch-
confidence left in the intelli-
interested and unscrupulous
the young folks a chance to
ty of the populace. It was the
es in length.
gence and patriotism of the
political partisans.
get their fill of dancing. On
centennial year, and the era
Maternal grandparents are Linda and Byron McClellan of
people, but no one can regard
“It is devoutly to be hoped
Monday evening it seemed as
was hailed as the triumph of
Salem. Paternal grandparents are Mervyn and Janet Cohen of
the future as assured while
that the New Year is the dark-
if Boone county had turned
the republic.
many aspects of the present
est hour before day, and that
out en masse to dance, and to
“There was, indeed, much
are bad. The condition of the
within a few months a brighter
say the hall was crowded with
cause for congratulation, as
laboring and middle classes is
dawn may open upon the hori-
dancers does not express it.
there is even now, at the end of
not only distressing, but the
zon. We wish the readers of
The mystery was how they
the notable year. But events
prospect before them is utterly
the Times a Happy New Year,
managed to dance in so little
have shown that the triumph is
and that the end may be better
at best one of progress, not of
“To pay debts requires more
than the beginning.
The Thursday evening ball
security. Great things have
property and more labor than
“For this wish we venture to
was almost as large as the first
been done in the realms of
it was expected when the
lay the foundation of a hope,
one, and both occasions were
invention, science and social
debts were contracted. To feed
but not a very sanguine hope.
progress. But the first year of
very pleasant, and everybody
and clothe families has
Much depends on the action of
the second century has found
become a distressing problem;
the law makers. They have the
entered into the spirit of
thoughtful minds filled with
the surplus products of indus-
remedies within their reach if
enjoyment. Not a single blot
scarcely less apprehension for
try, above a restricted living,
they would only use them.
marred the pleasure of either
the future destiny of the great
are still scarcely sufficient to
That they may partially do so
nation than they were one
pay the interest accrued on
there is some ground for hope.
Next week: We’ll visit the
hundred years ago for the des-
borrowed capital; the entire
“One thing is certain. The
Indianapolis Zoo, circa 1901.
James Haines, O.D. • Nicholas Garn, O.D. • Tammy Wittman, O.D.
Bischoff and Huff to marry
Robert and Sylvia Bischoff of Zionsville announce the
engagement of their daughter Catherine Suzanne Bischoff of
Plainfield, to Brad Ross Huff of Monrovia. He is the son of
Gary and Debbie Huff of Monrovia. The bride-elect is a gradu-
ate of Zionsville Community High School and The University
Let us
of Ilinois/Champaign- Urbana. She is consulting for Briljent in
Indianapolis. The bridegroom-elect is a graduate of Monrovia
High School and attended Norfolk State University, Va., and
Franklin College. He is the owner of Mister Quik Electric in
Call us at 873-6397
The couple plan a Feb. 9, 2008, wedding at the Omni Severin
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