January 3.1996 Red Ribbon members discourage followi ng...
January 3.1996
Red Ribbon members discourage
ng resolutions were adopted:
"Resolved - That the following
Over the past five weeks, Pa
communication expresses the public
Times has transported readers b ack
sentiment of the citizens of
som e
118 ye
, to
1877, when
Zionsville. in mass meeting assem-
Zionsville joined many of the su
bled, Friday evening Feb. 8th. To
communities in the organi-
Mr. William H. McDaniel.
on of temperance move
"Sir : - the citizens of Zionsville
Locally. it
was the Red
would most respectfully request you
Temperance Club.
to withdraw your application for
The Zionsville T imes, although
license to retail intoxicating liquor
experiencing a state in
limbo with
in this place, beliving as we do. that
one publisher after another trying to
the traffic is destructive to the dear-
stablizie the weekly
by JOA

est interests of many if not all the
ew spaper, was
s with coverage of the

families of the town.
numerous meetings, lectures,
license to sell li
quor in Zionsville.
“That while we cheerfully accord
socials, etc. sponsored by the club.
Their reaction was swift and strong
you the right to pursue any calling
In early 1878. J. J.
(our only editing has been to break you may choose so as not to inter-
became editor and publisher. and it
copy into shorter paragraphs for eas- fere with the rights of others - we
was he who published the next
ier reading):
do by no means surrender our privi-
major activity of the club in the edi-
“Report of the temperance mass le
ge t o be the judges of what it is
tion of February 16, 1878.
meeting held in the M. E. church,
that constitutes an interferance with
Apparently. the Red Ribbon Club
Friday, Feb. 8 1878.
our rights.
had learned that a salon keeper
“After the regular business of the
“Whatever you may think of the
from Anderson had applied for a
Red Ribbon Club was transacted the
sss - we deplore the fact that
saloon keeper from locating in town
any are disposed to follow it. and we the above resolutions to Mr. Wm. H.
“Quite a determined interest was
make this appeal to your magnanim-
McDaniel, as declaring the sense of
manifested in the minds of the peo-
ity, that you will not thrust upon us
the meeting held by the citizens of
ple, and we think that every one is so
an establishment so much at vari-
Zionsville. Feb 8. Mrs. Ira F.
deeply interested that all will ‘push
ance with our opinions of the
Collins. Dr. Rodman, J. 0. Hunt,
the bottle to the very gate of the
requirements of morality and good
Mrs. Swaim and E-q. Baird.
enemy:’ and if every one will but
“On motion this additional reso-
stand firm and unswerving in this
If, however. you are not dis-

ion was offered.
struggle, giving not an inch of
posed to listen to our r
equest thus
d - that we as citizens
ground to the foe, we feel that we
respectfully made. We beg leave to
pledge ourselves to each other, that
will be successful, and victory will
inform you that our s
ympathy as cit- we will stand together, and by each
finally perch upon the banner of
izens, will be with held from you,
other, to defray all expenses that
and further notify you that we
may be necessary for carrying into
Maggie L. Higgins. Secretary”
absolve ourselves from all resonsi-
effect the resolutions above adopted.
bility for any possible contingencies
“After singing. and offering the
Next week: McDaniel‘s reaction to
that may happen.
pledge. to which four names were
the Zionsville resolution.
“On motion. Dr. Rodman w
appended. the meeting adjourned.
appointe d a s a commmittee to visit
Anderson, Ind., for the purpose of
investigating the moral character of
Mr. William H. McDaniel. as a
saloon keeper if it should become
necessary so to
do. On motion, the
following named persons were
appointed as a committee to present