County records destroyed in ...
construction, and the offices of these
countyofficialswere located in rooms
on the public square.
Records of the commissioners’
meeting on the following Wednesday
read, in part: “Be it remembered that
the following writ was issued to the
sheriff of Boone County, Indiana, by
the auditor of said county in conse-
quence of the destruction by fire on
Sundaymorning, Oct. 12,1856 of the
by JOAN PRAED LYONS records, books, papers and furniture
belonging totheauditor, treasurerand
Anyone who has ever sought infor- recorders offices, save the register of
mation on Boone County property or loans, belonging to the auditor’s of-
ancestors dating before the turn of the fice and the tax duplicate for 1856,
century is aware that a fire once oc- register of receipts of general funds,
curred at Lebanon that may have de- register of receipts of trust funds, reg-
stroyed county records they will need. ister of county orders, register of war-
What may be less common knowl- rants of school funds and one book of
edge is exactly what records were de- tax receipts of the treasurer’s office.”
stroyed, what records were preserved,
The 1910 story continues, ‘Then
follows a copy of the writ, command-
This columnist’s recent, very fruit- ing the sheriff of the county to sum-
ful search of 1910 newspapers on mi- mon William Thompson, Noah Chit-
crofilm at the P.H. Sullivan Museum, wood and William M. Burroughs,
turned up reference to the above that is commissioners for the county to ap-
worth sharing.
pear at Lebanon on Wednesday, Oc-
The Wednesday, October 12,1910, tober 15, 1856 to make arrangements service, mileage andreturn in connec-
edition of the Lebanon Daily Reporter for new records and to attend to such tion with the writ, the Reporter noted.
(sold for two cents a copy) carried a other business as might be presented
The story continues, ‘“At the com-
front page story commemorating the in consequence of the destruction by missioners’ session on the day speci-
54th anniversary of the conflagration. fireofthegreaterportionoftherecords
fied the following list of books was
Included in the story was the report of of the county? presented by the treasurer, auditor and
information set forth in the county
The writ was dated October 13, recorder.
commissioners’ meeting three days 1856, andbore the signatures of James Treasurer - 20 copies revised
after the event.
A. Nunn, auditor, and A.C. Daily, dep- statutes of 1852; 6 copies revised stat-
Flames destroyed many of the uty. County sheriff in 1856 was Allen utes of 1843; 2 copies revised statues
records in the county offices of the W. Larrimore who was married to of 1838; 1 copy school law 1855, acts
auditor,treasurer,andrecorderonSun- Rachel Miller, daughter of William of legislature from.1832 to 1855.
day, October 12, 1856. At the time of Miller, a storekeeper at Eagle Village. “Recorder-l copy statues of 1852;
the fire, a new courthouse was under
The sheriff charged a fee of $1 for l copy school law of 1855; l copy fieId
notes of all lands within the county;
acts of legislature from 1852 to 1855.
“Auditor - 2 copies revised stat-
ues of 1852; 2 copies revised statues of

authorized to supply the contracts,
working plans, drawings and specifi-
cations for the new court house in
place of those that were destroyed by
tie, and further that he be authorized
to employ an agent to assist in the
prosecution of the works on the court
house whenever in his judgment he
deemed it necessary.
“A.J. Boone was appointed a com-
missioner to perpetuate testimony rel-
ative to destroyed records.
"It was also ordered that the audi-
tor, treasurer and recorder ‘be autho-
rized to hold their offices in the room
over the store of Scott&McLaughlin,
south of public square until the room
over Bowers & Stephenson’s store
room in the new brick south side of
square is finished.“’
Even with all of the above Past
Times was still unsure as tojust which
records were lost in the fire and
had been spared.We also needed more
information as to the reeords that were
eventually duplicated and by what
means this was accomplished.
Who better to turn to than Boone
County Historian Rosemary Peter-
1843; 2 copies revised statues of 1838; “It was ordered by the commission- man? Next week we’ll share the re-
4 copies Barnard’s School Architec- ers that William Lindsey, architect, be sults of our conversation with her.
ture; 4 copies
Architecture; 20 copies of fourth an-
nual report of Superintendent of Pub-
lic Instruction; 12 copies of school law
of 1855; a tract book of entries of all
lands within the county; 1 tract book
and 2 plat books of sales of swamp
lands within the county; Journal of
Senate and House of Representatives
from 1852 to 1855; local laws from
1832 to 1852; reports of president of
sinking fund of lands mortgaged to the
state, forfeited and sold by state; forms
and instructions of Auditor of State
from 1841 to 1856; reports of auditor
of State from 1841 to 1856.
_ -.