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Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2001 B3
Romance of Molly Rodman
Andrew C. Baldwin, Lebanon, and Brooke M. Haynes, Sheridan.
Steven E. Smock, Lebanon, and Lois H. Saint, Zionsville.
Harry W. Gunn and Darla J. McCarthy, both of Zionsville.
and her political colonel
Jason C. Barnett, Kirklin, and Jodi R. Maze, Lebanon.
William D. Nuss and Susan Sullivan, both of Zionsville.
Have you ever wondered what
Mark R. Garnand and Deanna J. Warmoth, both of Lebanon.
kind of situation was considered
David M. McKerring and Kay D. Atwood, both of Zionsville.
romantic in the latter years of the
Alex R. Voils Jr. and Vicki L. Doseck, both of Lebanon.
19th century? Probably not.
Tony A. Burruss and Catherine M. Burruss, both of Lebanon.
Neither did I until I read the story
John O. Brose and Diana D. McCurdy, both of Lebanon.
under the headline “A Romantic
Joan P. Lyons
Scott A. Thomas and Cindy L. Reagan, both of Lebanon.
Marriage” in the July 1, 1897 edi-
David D. Thompson, Lebanon, and Jeanette Rigdon, Indianapolis.
tion of The Zionsville Times.
Steven D. Leeke and Karla F. Dodson, both of Jamestown.
Silly me. I thought all mar-
riages were supposed to be
Rodman was universally popular,
romantic, at least at the outset.
but the idea of a woman
Click on:
What made this one special?
Postmaster struck the
The answer to that question can
Richmondites as something
be found only in Editor Cal.
decidedly new.
Gault’s story—unedited.
‘There were men in the field
“Many of our older citizens will
and the contest was growing
remember when Mollie Rodman
warm. One afternoon Col. Black
was a little girl of this neighbor-
called to see Miss Rodman. He
hood. The following from a St.
suggested he would be glad to do
Louis paper gives a history of her
whatever he could to assist her
576 N. 650 East • Lebanon, In 46052
courtship and marriage:
candidacy. Of course the offer
East of Lebanon on SR 32,1/2 mile north on CR 650
‘In this busy age it is seldom
was accepted. Col. Black
that an active political fighter
endorsed Miss Rodman's applica-
The Church of Christ
finds time for romance. But
tion. That he had influence with
Sam Miller
exceptions will happen occasion-
the President is demonstrated by
Don Purdy
Mike Simms
ally. Here is the story of an excep-
the fact that Miss Rodman’s
Bldg Phone
“Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all
appointment came speedily after
the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath
‘Col. Joseph E. Black, Jr. of
she had been recommended by
Harold Hendricks
made your overseers, to feed the church of God,
Richmond, Mo., is a politician of
Col. Black.
Tony Simms
which he hath purchased with His own blood.
more than local prominence in the
‘For four years she was in
Louie Hendricks
Jim Spray
Acts 20:28.
Republican ranks. He is also one
charge of the Richmond Post-
Monte Spray
of the principals in a pretty little
office. During all of that time,
• The Church of Christ was established on the
romance - a strictly political
Col. Black had no “kick” to regis-
first Pentecost after the resurrection.
romance too.
ter. He was evidently pleased with
Bible Study
9:30 am
• The Church of Christ was established in
‘Col. Black was a St. Louis vis-
10:30 am
the postal facilities. He was fre-
6:00 pm
itor yesterday. With him came a
quently a caller at Miss Rodman’s
• The Church of Christ was built by Jesus Christ.
bride. The wedding occurred at
• The Church of Christ has one head - Christ.
home. A courtship started. When
7:00 p.m.
Richmond early in May. Col. and
• The Church of Christ is entered by gospel
Grover Cleveland succeeded
Mrs. Black left at once on an
Church Established by
obedience, the Lord adding the saved person
Benjamin Harrison as President,
Jesus Christ in 33 A.D.
extended tour of the East. When
to it.
he made another appointment for
in St. Louis yesterday they were
• The Church of Christ wears every name used by
the Richmond Post-office. Miss
inspiration to address her and she uses no other.
on their way back to Richmond,
Rodman was out.
• The Church of Christ has no creed other than
having arrived here from
‘Meanwhile she saw Col. Black
Photo submitted
Washington City. Mrs. Black was
at frequent intervals. The culmi-
When Mollie Rodman Black traveled with her Colonel in the sum-
• The Church of Christ has but one discipline --
formerly Miss Mollie Rodman.
nating point of their courtship
mer of 1897, she may have worn a combination suit similar to this
the word of Christ.
How Miss Rodman happened to
came with the advent of spring.
one shown in the Sears Roebuck catalogue for that year. The outfit is
• The Church of Christ has bishops and deacons
become Mrs. Black is the feature
They were married—pooled their
described as a “Very handsome combination suit, jacket made of
for officers.
of this story.
political influence, if you please.
either green or blue cheviot to match skirt and edged with gimp, the
‘Col. Joe Black knew Miss
‘So strong is the political
skirt very full, made of imported checked goods and inlaid of same
Rodman when she was a wee bit
material as jacket, lined with rustling taffeta and bound with velvet,
instinct of Col. and Mrs. Black
Your presence is desired
of a school Miss. As a little girl,
style and general appearance cannot be excelled. Price....$13.25.”
that even on their wedding tour
she was pretty. As a young
they could not entirely cast poli-
solace to Maj. John L. Bittinger
woman, she was charming. At
tics aside. The greater part of their
and other prominent Missouri
least that is the opinion enter-
honeymoon was spent at the
Republicans, who have political
tained by Col. Black.
national capital. Mrs. Black
‘For several years they were
remembers that she owes Col.
‘In fact, Col. Black is said pos-
acquaintances. Admiration was
Black a political debt. Through
itively to be slated for a lucrative
mutual. Miss Rodman unwilling
his influence she secured the
Government birth, but just what it
to be a dependent little creature,
Richmond post office. Political
will be has not been made public.
set out in early life to be self-sup-
debts must be paid.
‘The Blacks left for their home
AutoCommand® allows you to
porting. There was surprise in the
‘Mrs. Black went to
at Richmond yesterday. Another
start your car by remote control
aristocratic old town of Richmond
Washington with the Colonel to
trip will probably be made to
from up to 500 feet away to pre-
one day when Mollie Rodman
help him secure appointment to a
Washington soon. “Joe” Black, as
warm or pre-cool your car’s inte-
announced herself a candidate for
foreign mission. That is the kind
he is familiarly known throughout
the postoffice - a place that pays
of a place the political gossips say
Northern Missouri, is the posses-
rior. Never step into a freezing-
an annual salary of $2,000. This
he is seeking. If he isn't sent
sor of great personal influence.
cold or boiling-hot car again!
was soon after Benjamin Harrison
abroad as a representative of the
Those who know him best say the
was elected President.
United States Government, he
worst trait about him is his poli-
‘The villagers gossiped and
will probably get “something
tics. He is an uncompromising
said a woman would never be
equally as good” at home. That is
Republican, although he lives in
appointed to such an important
what the McKinley
one of the banner Democratic
postoffice as Richmond. Miss
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